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This API should be documented with openapi/swagger documentation


I have previously developped my own "custom client" based on the backend behind ViCare.

I'm jumping into the new api. I must say that I'm a bit surprised that there are only a documentation and no classical openapi/swagger specification. This is the main standard to define an api.

The biggest advantage is that there are plenty of client(in nearly all programmation langage) generator based on the open api yaml.

With that, there nis no need for a custom client such as mine since everything is autogenerated.

I think, this is nearly mandatory to avoid everbody to reinvent the wheel by developping a custom client integration.

Is this something you're already working on ?



@thetrueavatar I have to agree with you, either a proper openapi spec would be good - and expected anno 2021.


As some has already stated since Viessmann seems to be using mqtt anyway. Why not plan on giving the option to configure a local mqtt server in parallel to what you are already using Viessmann? If the concern is "security" I would suggest to set a hop-count to ensure it would only be local TCP packages, then this should not be to complicated you could even have the workflow to set it up on the developer portal rather than on the display if you like.... @MichaelHanna what would it take for making this consideration? The effort should be small on you and still safe... it would save all of us a lot of trouble/effort 🙂