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ViCare - feature request



2 useful functions are missing in ViCare:


- the possibility of copying the settings for a day of all time settings in one go, I have 2 heating circuits and 1 DHW circuit, if I want to copy the time settings to another day, I need to do it for each individually..., it would be much more easy if it could be done in one go.


- the possibility of having templates..., for example having a template "Working day", and this would set all my 3 circuits to certain predefined values (another one could be "Weekend", etc...).


Thanks for taking this into consideration.


Hello @lanckwi, many thanks for the constructive feedback! We have taken up your suggestion and will check it during further development. 

The topic of different templates we already have on our roadmap. Please give us some time to develop and test it. Keep your ViCare updated to always have the latest features.