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manually initiating circulation pump without deleting configured schedule

To whom it may concern,

I'm writing in English since it looks like this Forum is using English, too. I'm using the Viessmann API with the Optolink Adapter on my Vitocal 300G brine heat pump. From the documentation, I found a possibility to set the schedule for the circulation pump:

[...] features.heating.dhw.pumps.circulation.schedule.commands.setSchedule.setValue


I'd like to manually activate the circulation pump when needed ad hoc because fixed cirulation times don't work for us since we dont get up every day at the same time. I also dont want to waste warm water being pushed into the tubes if the warm water is not used.

Is there a way to manually activate the circulation pump with e.g. above variable without deleting/ interfering with the configured schedule in the heat pump itself?




Akzeptierte Lösungen

It works now using iobroker/ viessmannapi adapter with a blockly script. More information (in german) see here:

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Hi @m4ding ,


Thank you for your request. I'm happy to hear about your approach to optimize the timing of the circulation pump.


Your request is similar to the one discussed in this thread:


Currently, we do not provide a function to manually activate the circulation pump. The only way of controlling the circulation pump is via the available schedule for the warm water.





This answer does not sound promising.

I read from another user of a Viessmann system who has a working solution for that problem, however by using an externally controlled pump. So far I am not intending to go that way, however....


Another approach: 

If we can change the schedule of that pump, why not use such a "change schedule" command in order to activate the pump for the needed short time only? It is not the intended way of usage, but.....

Thanks @MichaelHanna. But the possibility exists to initiate / control the circ pump via API? How should it look like (can you provide an example of the data structure.?) If I know how it must look like, I could create some logic around the commans (add a hardware switch in the each bathroom - ass soon as the switch is pressed, I can calculate the current time and set the circ pump to circulate asap. 

Can the schedule via the api only be set in 5min intervals just like with the vitotronic ? Is the config saved to the software in the pum schedule? Can entries also be deleted using the API?


I guess I dont have to emphasize that enabling this possibility would lead to a very easy way of saving money: only use the circ pump when its really needed. In my opinion, the concept of fixed schedules of circ pumps are from stone age 🥴. The WW temp drops about 3 degrees with a 15 min circulation. 


if above s not possible, please consider it a feature request 😊

We can also switch to German, just wasnt sure if its better to write in English. 



Actually there is NO WAY to control that pump directly, neither via the control panel nor via ViCare nor via Vitoguide and nor via the API. 

The syntax for a schedule can easily be checked by requesting this datapoint via the API.

As can be seen in this syntax one can't insert or delete any random part of that schedule, the whole schedule has to be set always. In know that makes my "Another approach" cumbersome, but it is ATM the only (software) solution.

Hence my feature request.


@MichaelHanna or (anyone from Viessmann) can you please answer on my questions above?

Hi @m4ding ,


Apologies for the late reply! I would stick to english for this thread to stay consistent 🙂


As @JueBag mentioned in his post, there is currently no possibilty to directly control the circulation pump via API. The only workaround is via the time schedule.


Non-API related solutions I cannot discuss here. But feel free to ask the question about direct control of the circulation pump through other communication interfaces in the end customer area of this community.


How much energy do you expect do save with a more sophisticated way of controlling the circulation pump?


Best regards,




I'm getting further in small steps!

The PresenceDetection is working ( ATM one room only using a HUE Motion Alarm for starting the radio).

The part of the changing schedule I intend to do the "easy" way. As long as no movement is detected I will set the schedule to OFF all the time. Once a movement is detect the schedule will be set to ON all the time, addtionally a timer gets started which will set the OFF condition ( with the OFF setting for all the time) at expiry time. This timer will be reset if further movement is detected.

That way only two different and fixed schedules exist ( which can be saved "hardcoded") and the change in schedule is done only at the start movement and the expiry time of the timer.

To be tested during the initial runs is how fast the circulation-pump will start or stop after change in the schedule. If this delay is too long..... I don't know!


It works now using iobroker/ viessmannapi adapter with a blockly script. More information (in german) see here: